Soursop Soap Benefits

Here are the benefits of using soursop soap, which is beauty soap that is infused with soursop tea which contains the phytochemicals found in the fruit and leaves of the evergreen soursop tree. You may also see this product referenced as guanabana jabón or graviola soap. (You can buy it here: USA | Canada.)

Soursop soap

Soothes itchy skin

The antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of soursop make it effective in treating itchy or irritaed skin. Regularly applying soursop soap will help to calm itchiness and promote healthy skin.

Reduce Acne

Because of its antibacterial properties, soursop can aid in reducing acne and promote skin regeneration.

Anti-aging properties

Including soursop soap in your daily skincare routine rehydrates the skin, making it look and feel younger. Soursop soap contains antioxidants that can play a key role in killing free radicals that are responsible for aging signs.


Soursop is rich in Vitamin C. It can aid in promoting healthy, glowing skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Soothes rashes and eczema

The antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of soursop soap assists in preventing skin infections and skin problems.

Hydrates dry skin

Soursop’s nourishing attributes also make it an efficient remedy for dry skin. Soursop is high in saponins and antioxidants, which promote hydration and a natural and healthy glow for skin.

What type of soursop soap should I look for?

Seek soursop soap like this that is made with all vegan ingredients and contains coconut milk or coconut oil which can further enhance skin health and vibrance. Glycerin soap is also a wonderful option.

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