Best soursop recipes

top 10 soursop recipes

Soursop recipes to make at home

Soursop is not only an amazing healthy fruit, but is also very versatile as an ingredient in food. Here are our top 10 favorite soursop recipes you can make at home:

  1. Soursop Ice Cream – The creamy, sweet texture of soursop is ideal as the focus on icec cream, so check out this amazing soursop ice cream  recipe from the Washington Post.
  2. Soursop Punch – This our quick recipe for and easy soursop punch.
  3. Soursop Margarita – This is one of our favorite drinks that is made with soursop. You can drink it with your eyes as well. Soursop Margarita Recipe
  4. Soursop Ice Tea – This is an amazingly refreshing drink. See the easy recipe here.
  5. Soursop Smoothie – This soursop smoothie recipe is made with soursop pulp and condensed milk. Yum! See soursop smoothie steps.
  6. Soursop Cheesecake – When it comes to soursop the answer is always yes. When you add it to cheesecake…it’s YES!!! See the recipe here from Trinidad.
  7.  Guanabana Cream Pie – This is delicious and creamy, and maybe not supe rhealthy, but it does contain soursop! Soursop pie recipe
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