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soursop ice tea recipe

Soursop Ice Tea

Soursop Ice Tea Recipe Boil about 5-7 graviola (soursop) leaves in 1-2 quarts water for about 10-20 minutes (order them here) Add 1 regular orange pekoe tea bag Add 3 green tea bags Add 3 flavored tea bags – like raspberry tea – and let steep. After cooling add enough water to make 1 gallon. […]

Best soursop recipes

Soursop recipes to make at home Soursop is not only an amazing healthy fruit, but is also very versatile as an ingredient in food. Here are our top 10 favorite soursop recipes you can make at home: Soursop Ice Cream – The creamy, sweet texture of soursop is ideal as the focus on icec cream, […]

soursop cancer research

Soursop and cancer research

A summary of all the cancer research on soursop and its tumor-fighting properties Soursop, also known as guanabana, graviola, cherimoya, custard apple, and Brazilian paw paw, is a little-known fruit that grows in the rainforests of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and South America. It comes from an evergreen tree (Annona muricata) where all parts […]

Guanabana fruit

What is guanabana fruit used for?

Guanabana fruit is also known as soursop and is harvested from the graviola tree. The tall tropical tree is a small, upright evergreen tree that grows 15 to 18 ft (5 to 6 meters) in height. The guanabana tree produces a large heart-shaped edible guanabana fruit that is 6 to 9 inches long. The inedible […]

Cancer patient

Can soursop cure cancer?

The debate about soursop as a cancer cure Soursop has a long history of being used to fight cancer naturally. People who live in tropical climates and have readily accessible soursop fruit (guanabana) that’s grown locally. The tree is often found in people’s backyards. The fruit tree’s leaves has long been used to make soursop […]

Soursop fruit for sale at a local market

Where to buy fresh soursop

If you want to buy soursop fruit, it can sometimes be tough to find in North America. It is not always available in your local store or supermarket.  Here is why: Why fresh soursop is hard to find Fresh soursop fruit is grown primarily in tropical areas of the world. That includes northern and central […]

soursop tea | graviola tea

Soursop tea questions and answers

We have pulled together the most commonly asked questions and answers about soursop tea for you here. You can ask us additional questions in the box at the bottom of this page. What is soursop tea? Is soursop tea the same as graviola tea or guanabana tea? Where can I buy whole graviola leaves teas […]

Soursop Nutrition Values

Soursop nutrition values

Dietary information about graviola fruit A typical serving of the soursop fruit is low in calories and high in nutrients, like fiber and vitamin C. For facts on a 3.5 oz (100g) serving of raw soursop — think the size of half a medium sized apple — read the following nutritional summary data, then scroll down […]

Soursop fruit is a superfruit for health

Soursop fruit is a superfruit for amazing health

.Please note: This article refers to soursop graviola and guanabana. These three words refer to the same tree and fruit. A soursop fruit is the same thing as graviola fruit and guanabana fruit. Same goes for references to the soursop tree. If you have visited Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, or the northern countries […]

soursop punch

Soursop Punch Recipe

The best soursop punch recipe: This delicious chilled soursop punch is a crowd pleaser that will wow anyone that likes tropical punch drinks, especially fans of pina coladas. Ingredients for soursop punch 1 soursop fruit, peeled and cut into chunks (or use this vacuumed sealed soursop in a jar) 2 tablespoons white sugar (or to […]

Nerve cell

Soursop toxicity

What is the toxicity of soursop The presence of the alkaloids anonaine and annonacin has been reported in soursop fruit (also known as Guanabana and Graviola). Annonacin that has been found to possess in vitro anticancer activity. It can arrest cell growth. It can also cause apoptosis, which is death of cells that occurs as a normal […]