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soursop leaves vs moringa

Soursop Leaves vs Moringa Leaves Compared

When comparing soursop leaves and moringa leaves in the context of natural medicine, it’s essential to recognize that both have unique properties and benefits, although their uses and compositions differ significantly. Here’s a detailed comparison: Soursop Leaves (Graviola) Let’s look at the key facts about soursop leaves first: Primary Compounds: Rich in antioxidants like annonacin, […]

soursop tea

Nutritional Powerhouse: Soursop Leaves as a Natural Dietary Supplement

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be a challenge. However, nature offers a wealth of nutrient-rich options to support our well-being. One such natural treasure is the soursop tree, known for its delicious fruit. But did you know that soursop leaves are also packed with nutrients and are increasingly gaining popularity as a dietary […]

soursop soap

Soursop Soap Benefits

Here are the benefits of using soursop soap, which is a beauty soap infused with soursop tea that contains the phytochemicals found in the fruit and leaves of the evergreen soursop tree. You may also see this product referenced as guanabana jabón or graviola soap. (You can buy it here: USA | Canada.) What is […]

soursop tea

Graviola Tea Questions and Answers

This is your ultimate guide to graviola tea. Note that graviola tea is the same as soursop tea and the term is used interchangeably. This is your ultimate guide to graviola tea. If you have a question about graviola tea, then send us a question and get an answer back via email using the link […]

Fresh soursop (top)and Freeze Dried soursop (bottom)

Freeze Dried Soursop – Everything you wanted to know

Freeze dried soursop is a rare and usually food product indeed. As more and more people discover the wonderful benefits of soursop fruit and soursop leaves they start wondering what other foods come from the tropical fruit tree. The answer is freeze dried soursop fruit. So what is freeze dried soursop fruit? It is the […]

soursop leaves

Soursop leaves and fruit on a farm in Malaysia

If you have ever wondered how soursop grows, here’s documentary evidence from a visit our family made to the farm where we have been buying soursop leaves and soursop tea bags for more than three years for our stores at soursopstore.com (USA) and soursopstore.ca (Canada). You’ll see below that soursop is both a large green […]


Where is Guanabana (soursop) used?

Guanabana leaves can be harvested from the graviola tree, a tall tropical evergreen tree that grows 15 to 18 ft (5 to 6 meters) in height. The guanabana leaves produce a large heart-shaped edible guanabana fruit that is 6 to 9 inches long. The inedible skin is yellowish green in color. Inside is white flesh […]

soursop tea | graviola tea

Soursop tea

Soursop Tea health benefits Soursop tea is made from the leaves of the Graviola tree. Both the leaves and the fruit may provide a staggering number of health benefits according to natural medicine practioners. They include: Prevents the spread and initial development of cancer Lowers blood pressure Boosts the immune system boost Skin protection Accelerates […]

Annonaceous Acetogenins

Annonaceous Acetogenins Within the 212 compounds that were isolated from different parts of the plant, acetogenins (AGEs) were reported to be the major phytochemicals, followed by alkaloids and phenols (45). These secondary metabolites were first isolated from multiple parts of plants belonging to the Annonaceae family in 1982 by Tempesta, and acetogenins were further determined […]

cancer research lab

What the National Cancer Institute says about Annonaceous acetogenins

Definition of Annonaceous acetogenins is from the National Cancer Institute’s website Cancer.gov The original text from the NCI defintion is below: “A family of naturally occurring polyketides  that consist of C32 or C34 long chain fatty acids and combined with a propan-2-ol unit at C-2 to form a gamma-lactone which are isolated from various species of the […]


About Moringa Oelifa Tea

We received a lovely email from Paula, who is also a soursop leaves customer of http://soursopstore.com. She told us a wonderful story about a young 8-year-old girl, who had leukemia and was being treated with chemotherapy. Paula also shared a special recipe she received from MiLottie’s parents received from South American missionaries. They had heard […]

Calories in soursop fruit

How many calories in soursop?

Learn how many calories are in soursop fruit or soursop tea. There are less than you might think in this remarkable fruit and leaves.